You wouldn’t think of pre-marriage mediation would you? Congratulations on finding this page!

Couples are getting married later in life and have more assets. There are more families being blended. More couples are dual income and need better conversations around finances. There is also conflict around money, perhaps one is a spender and one is a saver – how do you make that work?

There is also the dreaded “D” word, that’s right divorce. More and more I see clients coming in and they are unable to identify their date of marriage assets and liabilities and it can make a big difference in calculations if there is a divorce.  I don’t say this to scare anyone or to be a pessimist but wouldn’t it be better to reduce the risk now?

Pre-marriage mediation let’s you have these conversations proactively before there is a conflict.

  • Would you like to know if your soon to be husband has a lot of debt?
  • Do you know if you will have joint accounts or remain as individuals?
  • If you are marrying a person with children or you have children, have you talked about how you will share in those costs? How you will do estate planning?
  • Do you need to ask your partner before making a big purchase?
  • Which one of you will take maternity/paternity leave?
  • How will you handle gifts, loans or inheritance from family?


Do you know how to fight fair?

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I know, I know…you just want to talk about the warm and fuzzies, I’m sorry for drawing your attention away from that.

I just see people in my office on the other side of this, when the warm and fuzzies have gone. I KNOW if many of them had started having some of the more difficult conversations earlier it would have set them up for more success.

Mediation can help you have these conversations in a casual and non-judgmental environment. Who knows? It may even be fun!