Family Law – Separation & Divorce

As a CDFA and coach Julie can help in many ways. She can help your clients better communicate with you, help them complete their financial disclosure and help them define what their concerns and needs are; from a financial and parenting perspective.


Work with your client’s unrepresented ex-partner to professionally communicate with you, to complete financial disclosure and to discuss settlement offers. We believe being supported, even if it’s not by legal counsel, can go a long way to helping those who can’t or won’t retain counsel participate meaningfully in the negotiation process.

5 Way Mediation

We can facilitate 5-way mediations to help relieve financial costs for your clients or break an impasse with the other side. The direction is not always towards court when a mediation seems to break down. Often the direction is back to mediation with the proper legal supports in place to help clients have informed discussions and feel comfortable making decisions.

Select Issues

We can help prepare parenting plans or at least outlines of them. We can help by resolving one issue so that you can focus on the true legal matters. We can help your client and their unpresented ex identify areas of agreement and narrow down the issues in dispute.

Arbitration Screener

As a Qualified Family Arbitration Screener (QFAS – FDRIO) Julie can screen your clients for domestic/family/intimate partner violence, power imbalances, appropriateness of the process and their ability to fully participate in arbitration. A screening report is then provided to you as the arbitrator.

Elder & Wills/Estates

As a Certified Elder Mediator Julie is trained not only elder, wills & estates law but ageism, grief & loss, and family dynamics. Julie can help you work with the family as a whole to resolve issues which for many reasons should not be in front of a judge. Mediation or mediation-arbitration are well suited to these disputes as they promote resolution, not just settlement and in private, efficient manner.

As coaches Julie or Robert can work with your client to ensure they are empowered to make decisions, communicate clearly with you, are prepared for the process or just to provide the support they are not getting or can’t get from their family and friends.


The definition of family can be expanded to include those workplace relationships that are so important to not only an individual’s but an organization’s well-being. 

As mediator, arbitrators and coaches Julie and Robert can provide one-one or group conflict coaching as well as mediation. We can support your Human Resource managers in addition to your leadership team. 

We offer many training programs from Effective Communication to Dealing with Difficult People in addition to creating programs specific to your needs. 

Anger Management

We offer a “Responsibly Angry” program working with individuals to identify their triggers and patterns, a look at different ways to manage their anger and how to fight fair. There is a certificate of completion provided to those that are mandated to take an anger management program.