Mediation is a process where you actively participate in making decisions that affect you. Sound good?

Well it gets better! It’s a voluntary and confidential process that has a huge success rate and is cheaper than the traditional methods of resolving conflict through lawyers or the court system.

Together with the mediator you create a plan of action and are guided through decisions that you need to make. It’s all based on the parties having full decision making power and what is needed to move forward.

Mediation allows for the emotions, the stories, the reasoning and the details to be shared. There is no judgement, your mediator is there to set you up for success.

At the end of the process you can choose to either have the mediator prepare notes for your lawyers and/or family or a Memorandum of Understanding which you will use as a basis for your final signed agreement should you need one.

There are many reasons families turn to mediation. Separation and Divorce Mediation is the one most commonly known however we are able to help in many more situations.

I meet with couples before they get married (Pre-Marriage Mediation) to understand their financial position so that they can make informed decisions in their marriage or just teach them how to fight fair. I meet with families who are struggling with the care of an older adult (Elder Care Mediation) or those who want to have a respectful conversation about care needs or estate planning (Wills/Estate Mediation).

If your family has trouble communicating and wants that to improve OR has a decision(s) to make, I’m glad you are here looking into mediation.

Mediation Pros and Cons

Confidential ProcessRequires agreement from all parties
You agree on the 1 professional you work withDecisions are not legally binding
Most cost effective, work around your budgetDifficult if One or more parties fixed in their position
Have other processes to fall back onLeast formal of processes
Work around your timeline
You retain full decision making power
Lawyers can participate
Least formal of processes

Mediation Process

Complete intake form

Confidential individual meetings

Sign Mediation Agreement

Mediation meetings as agreed upon

(joint/multi-party in same room (virtual room), different rooms or meetings at different times).

Memorandum of Understanding or notes prepared

Independent Legal Advice can be obtained at any point before, during or after.



Fees (+hst)

Mediation Intake

$200    Flat rate for 1-hour individual meetings in preparation for mediation. Includes reviewing intake forms, brief calls, emails and scheduling with our office.


$300      per hour for all joint or multi-party mediation meetings.


$600      Memorandum of Understanding – either Parenting Plan or Financial    only. (Draft to be completed and sent to parties within 15 business days)            

$1,000    Memorandum of Understanding – Comprehensive Parenting Plan        and Financial. (Draft to be completed and sent to parties within 15 business days)