What if we could address issues before they become issues? Before the conflict happens? 

These are the topics that people find hard to talk about, even with family & friends.


Health & Care plans


Wills & Power of Attorney



These are also the topics that families fight about most.

Eldercare prevention processes help you identify and share what your wishes are.

Before you need someone to act as your power of attorney or if you just want to be clear about communicating your wishes to your family, we can help.

  • Are you concerned your voice may not be heard?
  • Do you want your family or power of attorney to be able to advocate for you?
  • Do you want to share with your family why you decided to make one of your children your power of attorney over the other?
  • Would you like to explain where you would like to live?

Documenting what you want will give you comfort that your wishes and intentions are clear for anyone to follow.

Inviting your family into mediation to have these difficult conversations is a proactive way to deal with disputes that may come up later. With the mediator acting as a guide, your family can have focused and respectful discussions.

Wills & Estate Planning prevention processes can help reduce or eliminate challenges about undue influence or capacity,  questions about your intentions or just provide more context about your decisions.

Having difficult family conversations about why you excluded someone from your will or why you want your children to jointly make decisions as your power of attorney can be exactly that, difficult.

Avoiding the issues however is likely to lead to disputes later on.

Wouldn’t you prefer to leave your loved ones with the information they need to carry out your wishes?

  • Do you want to detail how you would like your cherished possessions to be allocated?
  • Do you want to document your intentions with money you have given a family member or close friend?
  • Do you want to address your capacity and understanding of your personal and financial matters?
  • Do you want to share your wishes for your funeral?
  • Do you want to explain why you included or left someone out of your will?

Challenges to powers of attorney or wills are often about perceived unfairness and the family itself and not about the law. Having a Dispute Prevention Document to go along with your important estate planning documents will address the issues when the time comes.

Will and Estate Mediation and coaching can be helpful to setting your intentions in writing and ensuring your wishes are followed.