Families Fight;

Couples get divorced;

Caregivers get overloaded; and sometimes

We just get stuck in the middle of a difficult time!

Whether you are creating or changing a parenting plan, trying to get your family together to resolve a dispute or make arrangements for the care of a family member…I can help.

I know that life is difficult to organize – I’m available when it works for you. Including evening and weekends.

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Are you wondering what mediation is? You aren’t alone, it is the best kept secret for couples and families in crisis.

It’s a process where you actively particpate in making decisions that affect you. Sound good?

Well it gets better! It’s a voluntary process that has a huge success rate and is cheaper than the traditional methods of resolving conflict through lawyers or the court system.

Together with the mediator you create a plan of action and are guided through decisions that you need to make. It’s all based on respectful communication, brainstorming solutions and agreement on the way forward.

Whether it is a parenting plan during separation or post divorce, a communication & action plan during family conflict, a caregiving plan or moving a parent to a care facility, mediation keeps the power of decision making with you and your family.

Are you having trouble making decisions? Are you just not sure where to go next? Having a third party can often get you focused and headed in the right direction.

There are many reasons families turn to mediation. Separation and Divorce is the one most commonly known however we are able to help in many more situations.

I meet with couples before they get married to understand their financial position so that they can make informed decisions in their marriage or just teach them how to fight fair. I meet with families who are struggling with the care of an older adult or who want to have a respectful conversation about care needs or estate planning.

If your family has trouble communicating and wants that to improve OR has a decision to make, I’m glad you are here looking into mediation.

I know there can be anxiety and fear of the unknown. Starting the mediation process is no different.

While the process can change based on the type of mediation and the issues in dispute, some things should always stay the same:

  • You should feel comfortable with your mediator
  • Come in casual or comfortable clothing
  • Share your concerns
  • Speak freely
  • Meetings can be as long as you want, it’s about your needs
  • You should feel safe and respected
  • Bring a snack or drink – seriously it’s pretty casual
  • Although decisions will be made, you will always have time to think about them
  • Decisions will be yours and not the mediators (I am here to guide you and keep you focused)
  • You should always be able to get in contact with us, within reason 🙂

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