Families First Mediation

Keeping Your Family In FOCUS During Conflict

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Are you and your partner separating or divorcing and looking for a low cost, low conflict alternative to court? Married or common-law, with or without children.




 Are you struggling in a blended family situation? Having difficulty communicating with your partner or siblings? Having a dispute over estate issues?




Are you fighting with your siblings about how to manage your parents care? Are you having trouble communicating with your loved one that has a chronic illness?



Families fight,

Couples get divorced,

Caregivers get overloaded,

and sometimes…

We just get stuck in the middle of a difficult time.

 Whether you are creating or changing a parenting plan, trying to get your family together to resolve a dispute or make arrangements for the care of a family member….Mediation can help.

As a mediator I am a neutral and impartial third party who is trained in  helping you resolve conflict successfully. I help everyone have a voice, brainstorm ideas and work through issues.

Mediation is about moving forward – focusing on what you need now and in the future.

Are you still wondering what mediation is? You aren't alone, it is the best kept secret for couples and families in crisis. 

It's a process where you actively particpate in making decisions that affect you. The mediator doesn't have any decision making power, instead we guide you to solutions. 

 It's a voluntary process that has an over 80% success rate. I would meet with the participants individually first and then in joint or group meetings. 

I can help you have effective conversations, develop creative solutions and create plans that work for you.

Whether it is a parenting plan during separation, a communication and action plan during family conflict or a caregiving plan mediation keeps the power of decision making within your family. 


Families First Mediation is here to help make difficult conversations a little easier. 

I personally know the stress of family conflict, divorce and being a caregiver. Often having someone on the outside that doesn't have the emotional attachment to your family's stress can add real value and help you make decisions more effectively.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. 

I work in the Durham Region and in East Toronto. 

I have a full time office in Whitby and a part time office in The Beach area of Toronto. 

I know that life is difficult to organize - I'm available when it works for you. Including evening and weekends. 


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