We know that families are not only connected and impacted by those within the family but by other people, interactions and environments that set a family up for success. Challenges related to disputes in the workplace, with a contractor who didn’t complete a home renovation, between landlords and tenants, business partners or neighbors are all situations that may impede the success of a family. Competing demands can cause conflicts and stress to become intertwined in the various areas.

Between the backlog in the courts and the confidential nature of ADR, our services offer a viable option for families impacted by the stress of a dispute related to:

Workplace & Human Resources                    Community

Landlord – Tenant                                            Sports

Small Claims                                                     Schools

Workplace & Human Resources Support

Stress that negatively impacts the workplace may come from work, personal or family sources.

The impact of employee stress and/or conflict to an organization may be seen by a decline in productivity, deterioration of performance, absenteeism, health complaints and/or low morale. Office politics, harassment, capabilities not matching job roles or sometimes just the sheer volume of work can be factors contributing stress in the workplace.

Competing work and family demands can cause conflicts and stress to become intertwined in the various areas.

We offer you a selection of services that can be supported onsite, referred for offsite support or telephone/video conference support.  We work with Employees, Unions, Management, and Human Resource teams.

Landlord – Tenant

Landlord-tenant issues can be very contentious and often take a long time to go through the process of litigation to solve. This takes time, money, and effort that you don’t have to invest.

Mediation can be a cost-effective tool that will help reduce the time to resolution.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Control over the process
  • Faster to resolve the dispute
  • A confidential process
  • Much lower cost compared to litigation

Small Claims

Starting a lawsuit in Small Claims Court takes time and costs money and the outcome is out of your control.  Considering mediation or arbitration either before you start a claim or anywhere along the way can save you both time and money.

If you are able to come to an agreement before going to trial you can complete a terms of settlement (form 14D) or consent (form 13B) and avoid trial all together.

Ask your paralegal or lawyer about using one of these alternate dispute resolution options.


We can help fighting neighbours find solutions to move forward.

We can help non-profits resolve issues and facilitate group meetings.

We can help with your church group, community group and even in local politics.

Providing a neutral and confidential environment to have difficult conversations, brainstorm solutions and make decisions supports a positive community.

Youth Sports

It’s a fact that conflict is a part of everyday life, but in a team setting, the ability to effectively deal with conflict is essential. Conflict that goes unresolved can have negative impacts on the entire team and spread outward from there.

We’ve all seen bad things happen: coaches or parents who have taken things too seriously and damaged the kids’ enjoyment of the game.

In order for athletes and teams to be successful, parents and coaches must be seen as partners. Often easier said than done.

While most coaches and club leaders have taken some courses that help them to manage the athletes they generally have not received training on how to deal with conflict.

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Mediation in Schools

Mediation in schools can help with issues such as bullying, resolving disputes between students and even disputes between teachers or the administration.

Allowing all parties in the conflict to have a voice is the key.

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