Blending 2 different families in one home is a common occurrence. More separation and divorce means more couples like you getting together when you already have children.

You love each other, the kids all get along, it will save you money and you want to be together. The more the merrier right?

As part of your plan you should consider discussing and documenting your intentions in a Dispute Prevention Document (DPD).


Can you discipline the other parent’s child?

Will you share the costs of clothing and activities for all children or will some things be separate?

How will you ensure all children receive attention?

Will there be house rules that everyone needs to follow?

What does respectful behavior look like?

Are your parenting styles similar or different?

What will you do when there is a disagreement with your partner’s children?


Will you move into the other person’s home?

  • How will you share costs?
  • Will you be on title?
  • How do you protect your interest in the home now and in the future?

Will you move into a new home?

  • Can you contribute equally to the down payment? If not, are you going to document your intentions?
  • How will you share costs?

Do you need to modify wills, powers of attorney, or life insurance policies?

Can you add your partner and their children to your health insurance?

Do you understand the tax implications of living together?

Have you completed financial disclosure?

  • Do you understand how much debt the other is carrying?
  • Do you know that you can each share in costs as you’ve agreed?
  • Have you talked about how you each save for retirement?
  • Do you know how much your partner pays or receives in support?


How are you going to share chores?

How will you create family bonds?

What new traditions are you going to start?

How will grandparents be included in your blended family?

How will you deal with your partner’s ex?

Do you know the rights for common-law relationships where you live?

Should you create a co-habitation agreement?

Are you considering getting married?

Now is the time to set the stage for what you want your blended family to look like and how you want it to operate. Setting expectations and having a clear and detailed plan can go a long way to helping you navigate your new world.

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