A FAMILIES FIRST FORUM is a great place to start to learn about your options for dispute resolution. It’s a flat fee, 1.5 hour meeting to provide you with information tailored to you and your situation.  It allows you to gather information in a personalized way and get connected to resources you need.

You can bring the other party, friends, family, or other important people in your life to support you.


When a dispute comes up, where do you even start?

Many believe that the default is contacting a lawyer to start a court proceeding, or at least to send a letter of demands to the other party. This process is expensive and can take a long time to complete. Due to COVID-19, the wait time for “your day in court” has only gotten longer.  While that route may produce the outcome you’re hoping for, you lose the ability to have your voice heard in the process. If you go this route it’s important to be prepared in order to get the most bang for your legal buck – a Families First Forum can help you create the framework to guide you. Did I mention we also have connections will terrific lawyers?

If heading directly to a lawyer doesn’t feel right for you, a Families First Forum is a great place to start. It gives you a chance to discuss your challenges with a trained professional, they’ll listen to you, ask & answer questions and provide information to help you decide between the different options available to settle the issues most important to you.

Your Families First Forum will start by addressing the 5 W’s. From there, we will guide you based on what you share with us.

Who is involved and who should participate in order to resolve the issue(s)?

What is the issue(s) that needs to be resolved and what process options do you have?

When do you need to have this resolved?

Where can you turn for support?

Why would you pick one process over another?