Families First Mediation & Separation Coach.com During the Pandemic Pause

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I heard the term Pandemic Pause and I really liked it, it felt appropriate to me. I thought I would write this blog to say Hi and catch you up. We’ve all had choices to make and living through this un...

STUCK: Separating, Isolation & Social Distancing

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People are joking about being stuck with family during this time of isolation due to Coronavirus/ COVID-19. It’s not so funny when you are feeling stuck at home with your soon to be ex though. For man...

Mediation MYTH – You Need To Be On The Same Page to Mediate

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The short answer – NO. I hear this all of the time, “we aren’t on the same page so mediation won’t work” or”my lawyer told me I shouldn’t mediate because we are so ...

Changes to the Divorce Act – Is Bill C-78 the Change We Need?

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On May 22, 2018 Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould tabled Bill C-78. This Bill looks to make changes to the Divorce Act, an Act that has not seen changes in 20 years. Don’t mistake these changes fo...

Divorce Mediation & Informed Decision Making

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It’s fundamental to the divorce mediation process that you make informed decisions. The mediation process provides you with the opportunity to make decisions that work for your family, however there a...

A Family Is A Family – LGBTQ & Divorce Mediation

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LGBTQ families and Divorce Mediation – Support for ALL families. I had an interesting comment conveyed to me the other day and it got me thinking – yes even on a Friday 🙂 I was reviewing a flyer...

DIVORCE – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!


Have you been divorced before? If not, you probably don’t know where to start or what to do! That is not uncommon. Divorce – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know I was sitting in the...

Parenting Plans & Teens…How To Handle Changes

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You have been divorced for 6 years. Your parenting plan did an excellent job of identifying when each of you would be the “active” parent and spend time with your kids. It set out how you were going to parent, how you would handle holidays, expenses and how you as parents would make changes to the plan.

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Surprise, surprise, your 15 year old has decided that your parenting plan no longer works for him/her. Did you discuss during your separation how you would handle changes that were initiated by your children?

Divorce: The Best Interests Of The Children…Or The Parents?

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We hear it all of the time in the Divorce Industry – decisions should be made in the ‘Best interests of the Children”. Seems rather obvious right?



You and the other parent may have different opinions of what decisions are in your children’s best interest. You don’t agree and that’s ok. You were always going to disagree on some aspects of parenting even if you had stayed together.

You can both be looking out for your children’s best interests but believe that can be obtained in different ways. That doesn’t make either of your right or wrong, it’s just life.

Separation is change and how you manage it will dictate how successfully your children will get through it.

DIVORCE – Having Your Day In Court.

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I hear people say all the time that they don’t want to deal with their ex to sort through separation issues. Sure, I can relate to that. In some cases, specifically where there is domestic violence, power imbalances or an unwilling party, court is a necessary evil. But for the others that say “when a judge hears my side…”, “I will take you to court so that you never see your kids”, “I will convince a judge that I should get everything”, I just cringe. These are statements made by people that are hurt but not well informed.