DIVORCE Is A Big Commitment.


Divorce is a big commitment. It’s January, the month that has been labeled “divorce month” so it makes sense to talk about just that, divorce and the commitment it takes to move forward with it. One d...

Whose DIVORCE is it anyways?

Whose DIVORCE is it anyways?

This is your divorce, I shouldn’t have to even ask this question. This blog stems from things that I hear daily in my mediation practice. It’s a frustration for me both personally and professionally a...

Mediation & Your Role


Mediation & your role. There’s lots of information on the mediator’s role however don’t forget you have a huge role to play too! After choosing the right mediator for your situat...

Divorce And The Holidays

Four frowning male and female gingerbread cookies broken into pieces.

Family, food, friends, gifts, time off….what could be better? It really does sound like a recipe for a good time however many families find this time of the year to be very stressful as well. Ma...

Changing Your Parenting Plan – FREE Workshop

Changing Parenting-Plans

Your parenting plan is a living breathing document. It can change with the needs of your family and your children. These conversations need to happen and they are often challenging. Debbie Miles-Senio...

Child Custody Battles And A Broken System

custody battles

Custody battles are difficult enough but within a broken system they are doomed to be more damaging to families. Here is a link to a post in the Toronto Sun today by Michele Mandel. Judge blasts warr...

Ashley Madison – A Time For Some Difficult Family Conversations

ashley madison

“I think it’s time to bring the personal family issues of the leaked Ashley Madison users back into the private world. No media, no courts, just families having these difficult conversations in ...

Family Mediation on the Radio – Why Would I Need A Mediator?

why mediate

On December 28th 2014 I was pleased to be a guest on the radio program Mediation Station. Our topic was “Why Would I Need A Mediator?” So, I regularly have people say to me “Oh I am...

DIVORCE – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!


Have you been divorced before? If not, you probably don’t know where to start or what to do! That is not uncommon. Divorce – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know I was sitting in the...

Divorce: The Best Interests Of The Children…Or The Parents?

best interests of the child

We hear it all of the time in the Divorce Industry – decisions should be made in the ‘Best interests of the Children”. Seems rather obvious right?



You and the other parent may have different opinions of what decisions are in your children’s best interest. You don’t agree and that’s ok. You were always going to disagree on some aspects of parenting even if you had stayed together.

You can both be looking out for your children’s best interests but believe that can be obtained in different ways. That doesn’t make either of your right or wrong, it’s just life.

Separation is change and how you manage it will dictate how successfully your children will get through it.