Are you now at the stage of life where people are starting to look at you as a “senior”?

Do you perhaps have grey hair like myself and people refer to you as “older”?

Do you feel that you are not valued as much as you should be for knowing yourself? Knowing what you want? Your decision making?

Are you afraid/concerned/angry that you can’t have your voice or your voice is not heard as loudly as it should be?

Julie Gill and Thomas Gill (father)

Guess where I got my platinum hair?

Positively Platinum is you! Positively Platinum is for you!

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As one of a select few Internationally Certified Elder Mediators in the world I’ve noticed a big communication gap happening with certain age groups. It’s a large demographic of people most frequently called SENIORS – and that definition could mean anything from 55+.

While at first I wanted to call it bullying, I’m not sure that’s the right word. Here’s what I see, tell me if it sounds familiar?

  • Doctor’s responding to concerns with “it’s just your age”
  • Adult children telling  you what you should do with your house or finances
  • People, of any age, assuming that you are not as capable as you are – mentally, emotionally or physically
  • The assumption that you should be retired, or if retired you have nothing to do

I say this isn’t bullying because I don’t think it’s aggressive or malicious. I think it can often come from a good place – like your children’s concern or want to help.

It is however wrong. It’s based on culture, ideas and behaviours that need to change.  While I know everyone under 55 must take accountability for the change, I would like to help the 55+ group be more empowered to set some balance to the imbalance!

Positively Platinum is about helping you have difficult conversations, learning to be heard by those who think they know better, and advocating for your wants and needs.

Coaching and mediation can be used to change the flow of the conversation.