Mediation & your role.

There’s lots of information on the mediator’s role however don’t forget you have a huge role to play too!

After choosing the right mediator for your situation the following are some general points that will help you understand your role in the mediation process:

  • Be open and honest; with the other party and the mediator.
  • Be prepared for your sessions. Ensure that you bring the necessary documents or information as requested.
  • Work at listening and at being heard in turn.
  • Ask for a break when you feel that you are too emotional to continue, instead of abandoning the whole session.
  • Support positive gestures. If the other side has made a concession or honestly stated a concern, acknowledge it positively.
  • Explore alternatives. Try not to be fixed on your position but open to solutions that may achieve a similar results.
  • Identify and state your own interests clearly.
  • Be aware of the other person’s interests; both spoken and unspoken.
  • Watch your body language. Rolling your eyes or slamming your fist on the table will not support open and honest dialogue from the other party.
  • Dress comfortably and be on time.

Look into the future, not the past! Mediation is not about placing blame and rehashing old issues, it is about making decisions in order for you to move forward with your new life.