I heard the term Pandemic Pause and I really liked it, it felt appropriate to me. I thought I would write this blog to say Hi and catch you up.

We’ve all had choices to make and living through this unbelievably challenging time has not been easy. Some businesses have been on pause, some have found a way around and hopefully through. Some relationships have been on pause, some strengthened, and some destroyed.  Finances are stretched, Covid fatigue has set in and we are finding out what we need, what we want and what we can do without. For instance, I need my family around, I want to continue my practice of helping people and I can do without going out to a movie.

During this pause I did not learn how to make bread, did not take up a new hobby and sadly did not exercise more. I did spend a lot of time with 2 of my adult children and my partner in crime, listened to a lot of music, made and ate some great food and probably watched too much Netflix – Tiger King and Ozark though, who can blame me?

I am grateful that I did not need to home school my kids, that I was able to mediate and coach through video conferencing and that I have remained healthy. I do however miss my office, seeing my clients in person, and seeing friends closer than 6-feet.  I miss the little things like picking up something at the store on my way home from work (without a line up or mask), my favorite all-you-can-eat sushi place as well as my favorite pub, and hugs!

I don’t think there is a right way or wrong way to get our families and businesses through this. I think we each have to be responsible and do what we feel is right – as long as we are not harming anyone else in the process.

Although I did not close, I chose not to advertise or market my services during this time. I was here for those that needed me and were interested in reaching out. I am well aware of the financial impact, stress and uncertainly that separation & divorce causes, without the added complication of a pandemic. If there is something that you would like me to write about, or you have questions, please feel free to reach out.

In relation to stage 3 of reopening in Ontario; specifically, Durham Region coming July 24, 2020, I have chosen not to reopen my Whitby office just yet and to further delay the opening of my new Port Perry office. I can’t effectively provide appropriate distancing, I can’t effectively disinfect the common areas in the building and I certainly don’t feel that mediating with masks on is supportive of providing you with a safe place to talk through your situation.

With things opening up and people out and about more I want to wait to see what the impact is. I want our health and safety to come first, both for your family and mine.

If you need me, I’m still here for meetings by Video Conferencing.

**New Option**For years I have offered home visits (which were paused in March also) and starting the week of July 27th, I will be offering to meet in your backyard for joint meetings if you really feel that video conferencing can’t adequately meet your needs. All I ask is that you are healthy, have the privacy for our conversations and the space to socially distance. If you could also control the weather, I would really appreciate it ha-ha. You can ask Melissa for more information.