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My name is Melissa Haddad and I am the first person you will speak to when you contact us, whether by phone, email or our contact form.  Since you get me first, I’d like to share with you who I am. Ot...

Mediation With HEART

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I had a call from a local family law lawyer and was told that she recommended me to her counterpart because she felt that the case needed a mediator with heart. While I was happy that’s how I’m seen, ...

Mediation & Your Role


Mediation & your role. There’s lots of information on the mediator’s role however don’t forget you have a huge role to play too! After choosing the right mediator for your situat...

Our Home or Yours

Our home or yours

 Our Home or Yours – Family Mediation in our home (office) or your home, now available in the Durham Region! Link to Press Release HERE     Our Office       Families F...

Conflict Preparedness For Youth- Are We Just Hoping They Will Learn These Skills?

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Teaching youth to better manage conflict are not skills that are being taught, unless there has already been a problem. We are reactive. Are these skills that we hope young people gain through life ex...

9 Tips To Bonding In A Blended Family

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Think it’s tough to bond in a blended family? You’re right it can be, but there are ways to make it easier. Due to the sheer number of divorced families it stands to reason that many coupl...

Family Mediation on the Radio – Why Would I Need A Mediator?

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On December 28th 2014 I was pleased to be a guest on the radio program Mediation Station. Our topic was “Why Would I Need A Mediator?” So, I regularly have people say to me “Oh I am...

Why Is Mediation The Best Kept Secret?


As a Mediator my role is to help people communicate through conflict, to find resolutions to problems and to actively participate in decisions.

Mediation is a fair, safe and balanced process that ensures everyone has a voice. It’s less costly than the legal process and much more efficient in most cases.

Yet I still wonder daily why mediation is not as common place as counselling or lawyers? People in conflict tend to call a counsellor (to deal with the emotional side) or a lawyer (to deal with the legal side). A mediator helps deals with the practical side of conflict which is often where the biggest problems occur.

Is Mediation Right For You?

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As with any process, mediation is not for everyone. Some people can work out their terms without outside assistance, while others require legal and/or psychological support. Your conflict may be fami...