Mediation MYTH – You Need To Be On The Same Page to Mediate

Mediation resolving conflict

The short answer – NO. I hear this all of the time, “we aren’t on the same page so mediation won’t work” or”my lawyer told me I shouldn’t mediate because we are so ...

Paying for health care is the biggest worry for aging Canadians – Is your family talking about this?

aging healthcare

There was a recent article by The Canadian Press that stated  “Working longer may not be possible after serious health events and that paying for health care in old age is Canadians biggest worry.”  

The article (read it here) identifies that 47% said they worried about needing more long-term care than they have the money for, while 45 % said they fret over whether they’ll outlive their savings.

If these are the concerns, how do you manage them? For starters, how do you even talk about them with your family?

Should your wife/husband and/or children be aware of what your long-term care wishes are? Should they know how much you have available and what you would like if your savings are not sufficient? 

What Is Elder Care (Caregiver) Mediation?

elder mediation

Elder Care Mediation – As our population ages, families are facing many challenges as their living requirements change and age related issues become a normal part of their everyday lives. Perhap...

Difficult Conversations – Getting The Death You Want

death you want

Mediation and having difficult conversations about death are probably not things that you think belong together, but they do. Have you told your loved ones what your end of life decisions are? As a so...

The Cost Of Care – Canada Sees An Increase In Senior Caregivers

cost of healthcare in canada

Author: Rubab Abid, Published Sunday, May 11, 2014 10:15PM EDT Elder Mediation and Caregiver Support With an aging Canadian population and the increasing cost of nursing homes, the number o...

Helping Talk About Senior Care

talk about senior care

I taped my weekly show, We Need To Talk on Rogers TV Durham last week about Senior Care. Now I’ve been in the position to care for both my children and my parents at the same time – it&#82...