Julie Gill CDFA, Q.Med

Owner & Principal Mediator

During Family transitions there are a great many issues to identify and possibly fight over within a family. 

You may be getting separated or divorced, struggling to blend a family, fighting with your siblings or be part of the sandwich generation caring for a loved one. 

Whatever your family situation I can help you communicate, resolve your conflict and actively participate in making decisions and creating transition plans that save you time, money and stress.

It’s important for me to provide you with the opportunity to fairly, creatively and personally develop solutions that best meet your family’s unique situation and requirements in a comfortable environment.

My goal is to help your family through your negotiations in a manner that minimizes both financial and emotional distress, while giving you new skills to communicate better in the future.

I am a member of Family Mediation Canada and a Qualified Mediator with the ADR Institute of Ontario. I have training in Family Mediation, Mediation with age related issues (also known as Elder Care Mediation), Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Restorative Justice. 

I sit on the Board of Directors for Family Mediation Canada and am a roster mediatior with Shepell as well as a roster mediator for compliants against Community Care Access Centres (CCAC). 

I am also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst helping people through the financial aspects of Divorce. Go to www.separationcoach.com for more information.

For even more information about me check out www.juliegill.ca


My role as your mediator is to help you to: identify goals and shared interests; gather information; develop options; and communicate openly, honestly and civilly with the other party/parties. 

I make sure that all of you have the same complete and accurate information. I also help you to develop options and to consider the consequences of those options so that you can make informed decisions.  

I remain neutral to the decisions reached by you and the other party/parties. I don't take sides, I don't make decisions for you and I don't determine what is right or wrong for your situation.

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